Alna Willows by Ernest Haskell
Sentinels of North Creek by Ernest Haskell
Mond Gas Dudley Port by Joseph Pennell
Surf Pounded Coast by Charles Jac Young
Thompson Canyon by Lyman Byxbe
Pintails Pitching by Churchill Ettinger
Pomfret Church by Luigi Lucioni
Lombard Street by Luigi Lucioni
Live Oak, Fla. by Walter Ronald Locke
Don Quixote by Salvador Dali
Tree Tapestry by Luigi Lucioni
Wisteria in Winter by Elizabeth McBride
Shadows in Lombardy by Luigi Lucioni
Pine in the Birches by Luigi Lucioni
Crystal Morning by Ernest Haskell
Boubier's Field by Ernest Haskell
Brooklyn Etchers Gift Plate by Ernest Haskell
Tim the Blacksmith by Alexander Aladar Blum
Floraison I by Terry Haass
Floraison II by Terry Haass
Floraison III by Terry Haass
Floraison IV by Terry Haass