Ghost City by Gene Kloss
Twickenham Church by Sir Francis Seymour Haden
Alna Willows by Ernest Haskell
Ghost Cypress by Ernest Haskell
Sentinels of North Creek by Ernest Haskell
Shiley's Marsh by Martin Levine
Dream Lake by Richardson Rome
Thompson Canyon by Lyman Byxbe
Lone Pine by Lyman Byxbe
Nymph Lake by Lyman Byxbe
Timberline by Lyman Byxbe
Aspens by Lyman Byxbe
The Quarry No. 2 by Albert W. Barker
Fairbanks, AK by Thayne Logan
Estes Park by Philip Cheney
Foothills by Frank Eckmair
Live Oak, Fla. by Walter Ronald Locke
In Tender Leaf by Wallace Nutting
Wheatfield by Beatrice M. Christy
Sand Buried Pines by Ernest Haskell
Mammoth Hot Springs by Jack Ellis Haynes
Impressionist Mountainscape by Unsigned
Tree Tapestry by Luigi Lucioni
Silent Stream by Birger Sandzen
Winter Wonderland by Samuel Margolies
Landscape 1940 by Samuel Margolies
Pine in the Birches by Luigi Lucioni
Crystal Morning by Ernest Haskell
Boubier's Field by Ernest Haskell
Brooklyn Etchers Gift Plate by Ernest Haskell
Winter Trees and Winters by Merlie Hiatt